The Shelltoes - I Was Told There Would Be Refreshments - Jazz - Hip-Hop

No tea and biscuits?! Definitely a bummer. But don’t be fooled by the flippant title of this collection. The emotional output of this EP runs far deeper than such superficial disappoints. In fact The Shelltoes might be doing themselves a disservice by saying that their music blends jazz, hip-hop (this part is true) and “that feeling when you open the pantry and there’s no English Breakfast left. Or there is, but there’s no milk. Heartbreaking stuff.” Far from the novelty that verbiage suggests, The Shelltoes – made up of two Aussies, DJ/producer Glen Coates and vocalist Kyla Sexton – are a soulful pair with a distinct sound making this free EP worthy of your hard drive space. My faves are the thick, simmering soul of “Porgy” and the Nightmares on Wax-ish “Requiem.” Listen & download below. Definitely be looking out for more from these guys in the future.

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