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AKG K 240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

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"The new K 240 Studio delivers even wider dynamic range and higher sensitivity than its well-known and widely-used predecessor. The secret to the semi-open K 240 Studio's sound quality is the new XXL transducers in acoustically tuned vented enclosures with circumaural (around the ear) pads. The circumaural pads envelope your ears nicely and reward you with smooth, solid bass and well-balanced, articulate mids and highs."



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I'm Lucy Beer and I run this here blog. I like soul, hip-hop and electronic music, and anything that blurs those lines. You can reach me at: music[AT] - please don't attach MP3 files - provide links to download or listen to them. Also, if you're a rapper and your name is 'Lil something, it's probably not a good fit for this blog ;)

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The Shelltoes - I Was Told There Would Be Refreshments

The Shelltoes – I Was Told There Would Be Refreshments

No tea and biscuits?! Definitely a bummer. But don’t be fooled by the flippant title of this collection. The emotional output of this EP runs far deeper than such superficial disappoints. In fact The Shelltoes might be doing themselves a disservice by saying that their music blends jazz, hip-hop (this part is true) and “that...
Go Buy Lisa Shaw - Free

Go Buy Lisa Shaw – Free

Thanks to the lovely EMusic I recently grabbed Lisa Shaw’s brand new album “Free” and I’m pretty much in love with it. It’s full of the soulful downtempo-y, housey goodness you would expect. Lisa Shaw does this better than anyone else so grab this album for a wonderful end-to-end listen. She has just released a...
Amanda Diva - Spandex, Rhymes & Soul - Free EP

Amanda Diva – Spandex, Rhymes & Soul – Free EP

Download Amanda Diva’s Spandex, Rhymes & Soul EP

Download the Strictly Social DJ mix Vol 1

now available for free download (for a limited time) is DJ Destroyer’s Strictly Social Mix Volume 1, chock-filled with progressive soul and soulful hip-hop gems: GRAB IT HERE Tracklisting: 1.CONTEMPLATING- COLOSSUS FEAT. FLASH 2.LOVE THIRST-JEAN GRAE & 9TH WONDER 3.TOUCH ME WIT UR HANDZ-DJ JAZZY JEFF FEAT. CHINA BLAC 4.TIGHT EYES FEAT. OH NO AND...
Res + Talib Kweli = Idle Warship

Res + Talib Kweli = Idle Warship

Res, one of the most talented artists to be continually overlooked by the label system, and Talib Kweli have formed a group – Idle Warship. Personally I’d like to see Res collabo with someone a little….edgier, maybe, than Talib but maybe this will help get her some well-deserved shine until those Pharrell tracks she’s supposedly...
My Favorite EP - open source music

My Favorite EP – open source music

Indie-hop artist Domer has embarked on an innovative ‘open source’ music project. He made 5 acappellas available for download and invited producers to create their own tracks around them. The results are now available for download. All the various versions can be downloaded for free, and you can create your own version of the EP....
Free Conya Doss Download

Free Conya Doss Download

This comes via’s Choice Track featureThe wonderful Conya Doss has a new album (her 4th) coming out and has kindly made a preview track available for free. Right click HERE to download “Let’s Do Something Tonight”. To be honest, it’s not my favorite track she’s ever done, but it’s still Conya, so its definitely...