Platinum Pied Pipers – Los Angeles – August 8th

So the dope folks over at ArtDontSleep have another killer show coming up for all you LA heads. On August 8th you can catch Platinum Pied Pipers, Muhsinah, and DJ sets from Kutmah and The Gas Lamp Killer. All the official details and such are below. Go have fun kids.

Performances by Platinum Pied Pipers Cast No. 2, Muhsinah, and DJ sets by Kutmah and The Gas Lamp Killer

Friday August 8th 2008

Platinum Pied Pipers, Muhsinah Live in Los Angeles

The break is over and KCRW, LA Weekly, The Echoplex, and ArtDontSleep are at it again! In the midst of a Californian summer comes more heat, from Detroit and DC! For more information, visit It will be held at The Echoplex, located on 1154 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026. Ticket prices are General Admission: $15. Admittance is again 21 and wiser. Presale tickets are available at Turntable Lab, located on 424 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036, online at Ticket Web and through Shoptext by texting “PPP” to telephone number 467467. Guests are subject to availability.

Platinum Pied Pipers Cast No. 2 (
On the coattail of their second Ubiquity Records’ release Abundance, Platinum Pied Pipers’ duo Waajeed and Saadiq return, after three long awaited years, with a new mash up of vintage and modern influences, including pop, house, funk and Detroit techno, and combines them to be everything that is truly PPP’s sound. Their debut Triple P was hailed as the heaviest classic album of 2005 and their truthfully hyped live performances lead to a top three nomination for the Giles Petterson Worldwide Award, for Album of The Year. This time around PPP steps forward with PPP Cast No. 2: the refreshing St Louis crooner and lyricist Coultrain, Texas’ Karma, Jamila Reagen, from NYC, and long time Detroit collaborator Neco Redd. In the words of Waajeed, the inspiration for the new album is to “put some paint where it ain’t.” Fresh as ever, PPP has set the standards again!

Muhsinah (
DC producer, engineer and singer Muhsinah is the unexpected future soul! In a matter of seconds, her sound captures an audience wholly! In 2005, she released her self-produced Oscillations EP, but her full length album, day.break 2.0, is what earned her some buzz. BBC’s Radio 1Xtra’s Benji B brought her into the studio for an interview session, she just finished a UK tour and continuously flies forward! As Interdependent Media’s A&R Dominic Del Bene said, “Muhsinah’s music slithers all over your body like warm fuzzy slugs, thousands of them. Its warm and its dark and it effects you. Finally, when those thousands of fuzzy slugs have engulfed you, you feel the whole weight of it all…I’ll agree with it to the ends of the earth.”

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