Out Today – Supa Crucial Downtempo Remixes & Rarities

This slice of dopeness featuring Mystic (new album? please?) is just one of the gems featured on a new collection from The Angel and Supa Crucial Recordings. Supa Crucial Downtempo Remixes & Rarities displays The Angel’s versatility and comfort with genres from dubby downtempo to gritty underground hip-hop.The collection features collaborations with Divine Styler, Tre Hardson and more.

And lucky you, here’s some treats from the album.

Download “Make It Betta” (Divine Styler Remix) – The Angel feat. Tre Hardson

Download “Ride With The Flow” (Reflow Remix Redub) – 60 Channels feat. Navigator & Cokni O’Dire

Destiny Complete (Bittersweet Version, DJ Drez Remix) (mp3)

You can purchase the album at iTunes or at the SupaCrucial Store

Supa Crucial Downtempo Remixes & Rarities

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