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I'm Lucy Beer and I run this here blog. I like soul, hip-hop and electronic music, and anything that blurs those lines. You can reach me at: music[AT] - please don't attach MP3 files - provide links to download or listen to them. Also, if you're a rapper and your name is 'Lil something, it's probably not a good fit for this blog ;)

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Banks - Warm Water (Beat Ventriloquists Remix)

Banks – Warm Water (Beat Ventriloquists Remix)

Banks is one of new breed of edgy artists (see also Jessy Lanza for example) that Paper Magazine suggests are leading a new movement in R&B. “Warm Water” is probably her only track that could be mistaken for R&B and it’s unique in that it’s definitely one of her more, shall we say, chipper, tracks. A...
Anthony Valadez - Just Visiting (soul, downtempo)

Anthony Valadez – Just Visiting (soul, downtempo)

Anthony Valadez should be no stranger to readers of this blog, or any Los Angelenos out there. He’s a DJ, producer and all around tastemaker. Just Visiting is his most recent album and a really beautiful piece of work inspired by his late night / early morning experiences in Los Angeles. Tapping into his vast...
Jazzy Downtempo from Sinitus Tempo

Jazzy Downtempo from Sinitus Tempo

Lord knows where or how I discovered this gem, but I was digging through my notes of  ‘things to post on ye olde bloge’ and came upon this bookmark. Sinitus Tempo makes jazzy, downtempo beats with a hip-hop flavor. Peaceland is just one of several releases you’ll find on the Bandcamp page, all of a similar...
Mr Fogg - A Little Letting Go (Maribou State Remix) - Downtempo Electronic

Mr Fogg – A Little Letting Go (Maribou State Remix) – Downtempo Electronic

This is a really nice remix by Maribou State, of a new song from Mr. Fogg. After checking out more of each artist’s music on SoundCloud, I have to say I think this collaboration highlights the best in both. The official blurb about the forthcoming release: Mr Fogg provides a second taste of what is...
Moody Jazz Hip-Hop Beats From Maehlib

Moody Jazz Hip-Hop Beats From Maehlib

I get a lot of emails through this blog from a lot of artists trying to get attention for their little piece of the internet. I try and listen to what I can. Very generally speaking, most of it is mediocre at best. Few make the cut onto these hallowed digital pages ;) However, it’s...
Tokimonsta - Little Pleasures ft. Gavin Turek

Tokimonsta – Little Pleasures ft. Gavin Turek

Heard this track on Raul Campos’ show on KCRW last night and immediately had to hunt it down. This is probably one of Tokimonsta’s best yet – a totally addictive & melodic downtempo soundscape perfectly complemented by the delicate vocals of Gavin Turek. As HomeWorkOnTheFire points out, the catchy, soulful nature of this track really...

Bibio – Mind Bokeh – Album Sampler

Typically I might be wary of any band described as “pop pastoralist” (Pitchfork’s words), but this sampler actually sounds kinda nice. I’ll be looking for this one on emusic in March. Pitchfork says: Mind Bokeh, the new album from the electronic pop pastoralist and Boards of Canada disciple Bibio, arrives March 29 in the U.S. and...
Ancient Astronauts - Mixtape Download

Ancient Astronauts – Mixtape Download

The production duo of Ancient Astronauts are getting ready to release an artist album on ESL, June 9th – We Are To Answer. They have previously remixed the likes of Up Bustle & Out, Ladybug Mecca of Digiable Planets, Zion I, and Dr. Rubberfunk, and show off their musical pedigree with this excellent freebie mix...
Savath and Savalas - La Llama

Savath and Savalas – La Llama

Well this track has been floating around for ages, but since I’m in a Scott Herren kind of mood, I thought now is as good a time as any to play catch up. Savath & Savalas is Herren’s “Catalan acid-folk project” on which he collaborates with Eva Puyuelo Muns and Roberto Carlos Lange. Stones Throw...
Guillermo Scott Herren Mixtape Download

Guillermo Scott Herren Mixtape Download

Scott Herren AKA Prefuse 73 has been so kind as to give away this wonderful mixtape for free. Sleeping on Saturday and Sunday Afternoon is a very chill collection of instrumentals and mini-soundscapes. Ethereal and constantly shifting like those wierdly vivid dreams I have while napping, this mixtape is what I imagine it would be...
Pursuit Grooves - Sustainable Movements For A New Age

Pursuit Grooves – Sustainable Movements For A New Age

Beatlife fave Pursuit Grooves put together this free album for y’all in honor of Earth Day (I know, I’m on a permanent late pass)…. *20 downtempo rhythms with titles that focus on the environment and the impact it has around us. Vanese Smith also known as music producer Pursuit Grooves, received a Holistic Health certificate...

Unkle – Heaven Video

This is an amazing video that takes the art of music + visuals to another level! Thanks to SpankyStokes. The official blurb on the the vid: ‘Heaven’ was used in the acclaimed skate film Fully Flared directed by Spike Jonze and Ty Evans. The collaboration inspired the directors to take footage and re-edit a sequence...