Banks – Warm Water (Beat Ventriloquists Remix)….

Banks - Warm Water - Beat Ventriloquists Remix

Banks - Warm Water - Beat Ventriloquists Remix

Banks is one of new breed of edgy artists (see also Jessy Lanza for example) that Paper Magazine suggests are leading a new movement in R&B. “Warm Water” is probably her only track that could be mistaken for R&B and it’s unique in that it’s definitely one of her more, shall we say, chipper, tracks. A far cry from some of her more emotionally tortured songs, “Warm Water” captures the sense of potential and optimism that arises the moment a new love interest enters your life. That’s my interpretation in any case. In this remix the Beat Ventriloquists lay a warm hip-hop beat underneath that’ll melt your pants right off.



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