Mr Fogg – A Little Letting Go (Maribou State Remix) – Downtempo Electronic

A Little Letting Go - Mr Fogg - remix by Maribou State

A Little Letting Go - Mr Fogg - remix by Maribou State

This is a really nice remix by Maribou State, of a new song from Mr. Fogg. After checking out more of each artist’s music on SoundCloud, I have to say I think this collaboration highlights the best in both.

The official blurb about the forthcoming release:

Mr Fogg provides a second taste of what is to come from his forthcoming sophomore album with new single “A Little Letting Go”, released through Kicking Ink/ Kompakt on May 28th.

Built from spiralling layers of choral samples and intricate beat production, A Little Letting Go picks up where previous single and blogosphere favourite Stay Out Of The Sun (Zane Lowe “Next Hype” on Radio1) left off, but this time sets the electronics against a soaring vocal melody and bittersweet lyrics.

“It’s a song about how people behave in a crisis. Grabbing somebody by the lapels and trying to get them to snap out of their state of shock and do something about it. But it’s also sympathetic, even optimistic – that even the most stubborn of us can be persuaded with the right encouragement.”

“A Little Letting Go” is the second single to be taken from Mr Fogg’s new long-player “Eleven”, conceived at Fogg’s Oxford studio and subsequently completed during 3 trips to Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavik in collaboration with Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bjork – Medulla, Feist – Metals, Damon Albarn – Dr Dee).

It is a beautiful piece of music, powered by a compelling mix of optimism and melancholia.

“A Little Letting Go” is released through Kicking Ink Recordings / Kompakt on 28/05/2012.

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