Fiona Bloom’s Top 10 of 2008

International tastemaker/manager/publicist/event producer extraordinaire Fiona Bloom reflects on 2008:

1. Kameron Corvet-   Korporate Rockstar
2. Maya Azucena “Get It Together” – single- download-  (Purpose Records)
3. MadCon- So Dark The Con of Man–  Bonnier/Sony(Norway)
4. Heston Storyteller–  World Soul
5. Kissey Asplund-  Plethora– R2 Records (Sweden)
6. Kuku-  Absence of Cool
7. Proton-  Red and Purple Vol 1 Mixtape
8. Kery James-  A L’ombre Du Showbusiness– France
9. George Duke  Dukey Treats–  BPM
10. Sy Smith-  Conflict

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