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  • New Zion I Video – Juicy Juice

    I love me some Zion I so today was a double-whammy day for me. New video in the email Inbox, and a promo of the new album The Takeover in my real-life mailbox. Haven’t had a chance to check that out yet, but in the meanwhile you can take a look at the first single […]

  • Ohmega Watts Video With Jneiro Jarel

    Two of my faves, Ohmega Watts and Jneiro Jarel team up for this video “Eyes and Ears” taken from the former’s album Watts Happening. The album came out last year on Ubiquity, but this is just now being released as a digital single, which features an additional mix from Clutchy Hopkins. You can get a […]

  • Daykeeper Video – Foreign Exchange

    Daykeeper Video – Foreign Exchange

    The new Foreign Exchange album Leave It All Behind dropped last week, and it is definitely a must-have. The video for the first single “Daykeeper” featuring Muhsinah just debuted on Okayplayer, and here it is for your enjoyment…

  • New Muhsinah Release: The Oscillations

    New Muhsinah Release: The Oscillations

    The very dope Muhsinah has just dropped a digital release The Oscillations: Sine which looks like it will be followed by The Oscillations: Triangle. According to the discography on her site she released an EP called The Oscillations back in 2005 so I’m not sure if this is 100% new material, or perhaps an extension […]

  • Jazzanova – Of All The Things

    Jazzanova – Of All The Things

    The wonderful Jazzanova are set to release a new album on October 21st – Of All The Things on Verve. It’s set to be a hot one, featuring collaborations with Phonte, Ben Westbeech and more. Check the tracklist below. Props to Soulbounce’s Butta who was amongst the first to get the word about this on […]

  • Kissey Asplund Nike Video

    [credit to TreesForBreakfast, cos that’s where I found this.] This is a Nike-sponsored video of Kissey Asplund’s “Silverlake” track – note the prominent shots of the Nike Air Max 90. According to Mr. Dee Phunk, this vid is part of a series where Nike profiles select European musicians. Anyway the song is pretty cool and […]

  • New Conya Doss Video – What I’d Do

    I’m a big Conya Doss fan. I think she’s one of soul music’s most overlooked talents. She puts out consistently great, classy and authentic soul music. Still is her most recent album (I believe her fourth) and this is the new single from it, “What I’d Do.” Check the video below, and then head over […]

  • Worldwide Renewal

    Adult-oriented animated programming from Adult Swim can be found late night on the Cartoon Network. They have teamed up with Chicago’s Chocolate Industries to provide a pretty dope free digital album featuring hip-hop and electronic beats provided by the likes of Cool Kids, Diverse, Via Tania, Proton, Push Button Objects and more. You can find […]

  • Project Mindset

    These guys are doing an amazing thing….check the video, ’nuff said.

  • J Davey To Release Double EP

    J Davey To Release Double EP

    So finally J. Davey fans will have something tangible to look forward to from this mystical duo. Apparently they are still signed to Warner Bros and are working on their debut release for them, but let’s face it…it’s been uncomfortably toooo long since they got signed, and still nothing. So don’t hold your breath for […]

  • Janelle Monae – Live Videos

    Since I missed her showcase in LA recently, I’m pleased that Okayplayer TV was there to capture it… Below is a series of videos they took at the event including live performance, interview footage and also her thoughts on Erykah Badu’s public cosigning of her talent on the OkayPlayer forum. Still a bit queasy about […]

  • Sam Sparro – American Boy

    Here’s another take on Estelle’s “American Boy” – a live version from UK soulman Sam Sparro. This is taken from his BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge set.