J Davey To Release Double EP

J Davey - The Beauty In Distortion So finally J. Davey fans will have something tangible to look forward to from this mystical duo. Apparently they are still signed to Warner Bros and are working on their debut release for them, but let’s face it…it’s been uncomfortably toooo long since they got signed, and still nothing. So don’t hold your breath for that. But in the meantime they are releasing a double EP: The Beauty In Distortion EP, alongside full-length pop-culture/ American-media satire-filled limited edition The Land of the Lost EP (born from a mixtape collaboration with Fader magazine), on July 1st via indie label Interdependent Media.

The duo clarified via their MySpace blog that this release differs from the aforementioned Fader mixtape as it contains the full-length versions of those songs in addition to new stuff. So all around it seems like it will be worth the wait.

Download “Mr. Mister”

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