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  • Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers Video

    “Tea Leaf Dancers” is one of my favorite Flying Lotus jams, and now there’s a pretty cool video to go along with it. Thanks to Blind I For The Kids And some bonus downloads for you: Download Local Legends ft. Blu [audio:local-legends-ft-blu.mp3] And on this one Blu grabs a track from Flying Lotus’ Los Angeles […]

  • Robot Art Proves New Yorkers Have a Heart!

    Robot Art Proves New Yorkers Have a Heart!

    Watching this video is like getting a big hug from your favorite person. Kacie Kinzer built a small but adorable robot, dubbed a ‘tweenbot‘ , capable of moving in just one direction, set him in one corner of NY’s Central Park with a flag asking for help to get him to the other corner. Not […]

  • More Dopeness from Quite Nyce & Raydar Ellis

    Quite Nyce & Raydar Ellis recently released an excellent indie hip-hop album Champs Vs. The League which you should definitely check out if you like Zion I, Kero One, Little Brother and other soulful hip-hop acts. Here’s another track for your listening pleasure, “The Spirit”. [audio:the-spirit-quite-nyce-raydar-ellis.mp3] According to Raydar Ellis “The Spirit” is “a song […]

  • Go Buy Lisa Shaw – Free

    Go Buy Lisa Shaw – Free

    Thanks to the lovely EMusic I recently grabbed Lisa Shaw’s brand new album “Free” and I’m pretty much in love with it. It’s full of the soulful downtempo-y, housey goodness you would expect. Lisa Shaw does this better than anyone else so grab this album for a wonderful end-to-end listen. She has just released a […]

  • Peter Hadar – Planets Video ft. Selita Ebanks

    “Planets” is taken from Peter Hadar’s Well Dressed For The Art Show album. Given Peter’s unique style and futuristic spacefunk music, this quirky video is very fitting. And of course there’s the added touch of model Selita Ebanks playing leading lady.

  • The Grouch – Hot Air Balloons – Video

    Cool jazzy hip-hop track from Living Legends’ The Grouch and featuring Bicasso and Scarub.  “Hot Air Balloons” taken from the album Show You The World and the video is nicely done.

  • Soil & Pimp Sessions – Storm Video

    Soil & Pimp Sessions – Storm Video

    I first about this innovative jazz collective, as many did, through Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide radio show several years ago. Now they finally have their first official US release Planet Pimp coming out on Koch Records, February 24th. Here’s the official bio from the band and below that, check the video for the first single “Storm.” […]

  • H.O.P.E. – Love, Lotus and More Cool Video Artsy Stuff

    More cool music + artsy video stuff….The track “Love, Lotus” is a tribute to J. Dilla from H.O.P.E, produced by Flying Lotus, and is featured in this video with some insane origami-animation brilliance from Sipho Mabona. Find out more about H.O.P.E. on his Myspace Check the video below and you can download “Love, Lotus” here. […]

  • Soul + Paint = Dope Art by Steven Lopez

    Steven Lopez contacted me the other day and just about knocked my socks off with his awesome video series “After Midnight.” The concept is that he takes a song from a soul singer he digs (Jill Scott, Sade, Erykah Badu for example) and records a time-lapse video of him painting a portrait of that singer, […]

  • Wayna – My Love – Video and Download

    Wayna made me a fan with her debut album Moments of Clarity. But her next release Higher Ground really shows the huge potential she has, so much so that it made it into my Top 8 of 2008. She’s starting to get some real recognition for her talent. She is currently up for a Grammy […]

  • Jazzanova – Ben Westbeech – I Can See – Video

    Jazzanova – Ben Westbeech – I Can See – Video

    This is one of the best tracks (IMHO) from Jazzanova’s recent release Of All The Things. Maybe I’m biased cos I also happen to love Ben Westbeech. In any case the song is lovely and the video provides suitable eye candy: And here’s a bonus for ya. Ben’s recent mixtape featuing lots of electro-y, break-y […]

  • Raashan Ahmad – Peace Video

    Raashan Ahmad – Peace Video

    Raashan Ahmad always comes with a nice, jazzy hip-hop vibe and a thought-provoking message. This video for “Peace”, taken from his recent album The Push is well-executed with a combination of live action interacting with animation. Here’s the official blurb from Om Records’ main hip-hop dude Jonathan McDonald: “I couldn’t be more juiced to announce […]