More Dopeness from Quite Nyce & Raydar Ellis

Quite Nyce & Raydar Ellis recently released an excellent indie hip-hop album Champs Vs. The League which you should definitely check out if you like Zion I, Kero One, Little Brother and other soulful hip-hop acts. Here’s another track for your listening pleasure, “The Spirit”.


According to Raydar Ellis “The Spirit” is “a song about having enough self pride to go out there and better yourself and in turn the people around you. ” For Quite Nyce, “The Spirit” means: “Exposing everything you have inside without hesitation to showcase the true. Many people wear masks and hide behind vices to protect themselves. The Spirit is about being you and bettering people around you. We all can be The Spirit.”

Download “The Spirit”

The guys were recently on tour in the UK and hooked up with Geoff from Portishead while there were there. Check the video below for a glimpse into that session:

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