Timothy Bloom – Wonderfully Soulful

Timothy BloomI’m diggin’ this cat Timothy Bloom at the moment, in particular the track “Wonderful” which is starting to garner some buzz with some radio play and such. “Once More Again” is another highlight from his Myspace page. An album, Life Without Music is in the works although I don’t believe there is a street date yet.  The boy’s got chops – he’s worked with the likes of Smokey Robinson, Usher’s group One Chance and more. Not only that but he has the claim to fame of being the 3rd person to play on Nat King Cole’s grand piano besides Stevie Wonder. Check out the Timothy Bloom Vs. Grand Piano video on his page, to see what he’s capable of.

He’s got a nice alternative-soul type vibe – a little bit of a Van Hunt thang goin on, but much catchier, with a voice that’s a little reminiscent of Robin Thicke (that’s a good thing…). The more I listen to this guy, the more I hope he blows up – mainstream music could definitely  use his kind of earthy & authentic, but accessible and chart-friendly soul – move over Usher (you dumbed it down way too much with “Love In This Club”), Ne-Yo (“Closer” is SO the dance/pop of Europe about 10 years ago) and Chris Brown? Shouldn’t you be in school or something?

Go check out Timothy’s MySpace and see what the hell I’m talking about….

Listen to “Wonderful”: