The Holy Grail Consignment Drive and Party

This info comes courtesy of DJ Franchise of who will be spinning at this event and has been raising awareness on behalf of the Holy Grail store.

Know The Ledge is hosting a special event in Los Angeles on July 19th to help LA sneaker store,The Holy Grail. As you may have seen on the news, The Holy Grail was looted of all but 20 of its sneakers the evening that the LA Lakers won the championship. Not one to sit and rest in self-pity, The Holy Grail has picked up from where they left off and aggressively worked in the following days after the Lakers Looting to rebuild the store and reopen for business. Among the many that offered support and help, Know The Ledge pulled together an event that allows sneaker addicts to consign their shoes at a great rate, receive free giveaways, and enjoy the spirit of hip-hop and celebration on July 19th. Come join us from 12-6pm for the gathering of sneaker addicts and rebuilding of a great LA store!

Holy Grail Sneaker Store Consignment Drive

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