Tax Cut – Modern Sleeping f. Luz Mob

I’m just discovering this rather old track and album for the first time. Modern Sleeping is the brainchild of one Cousin Jacob, whose real identity I shall not reveal, but suffice to say I’m mad at him for not sharing this with me sooner. Ha. Anyways, this particular track “Tax Cut” features the eclectic-ly chilled Luz Mob who is way overdue some new material as well. It’s a dreamily relaxed downtempo track and if you check out the album Positions & Practices For Better Living you’ll find more downtempo goodness created with real instruments (!) and some nice guest vocals courtesy of Pyeng Threadgill.

Modern Sleeping - Positions & Practices for Better Living

Tax Cut (f. Luz Mob)
by Modern Sleeping, from Positions & Practices For Better Living


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