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AKG K 240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

Great for DJs!

"The new K 240 Studio delivers even wider dynamic range and higher sensitivity than its well-known and widely-used predecessor. The secret to the semi-open K 240 Studio's sound quality is the new XXL transducers in acoustically tuned vented enclosures with circumaural (around the ear) pads. The circumaural pads envelope your ears nicely and reward you with smooth, solid bass and well-balanced, articulate mids and highs."



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I'm Lucy Beer and I run this here blog. I like soul, hip-hop and electronic music, and anything that blurs those lines. You can reach me at: music[AT] - please don't attach MP3 files - provide links to download or listen to them. Also, if you're a rapper and your name is 'Lil something, it's probably not a good fit for this blog ;)

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Scion Launches Installation 6: Video - This Weekend

Scion Launches Installation 6: Video – This Weekend

Scion kicks off the next incarnation of itsĀ  national art tour this weekend in Los Angeles. Installation 6: VIDEO features an all-video lineup which will visit several cities over the coming months. Featured artists are: Dust la Rock (Brooklyn, NY), Eric Nakamura (Los Angeles, CA), Saelee Oh (Los Angeles, CA), Funeral Fog (French + Alan...
Design A Paper Robot To Fight The Forces of Evil!

Design A Paper Robot To Fight The Forces of Evil!

Time to pull out your crayons, pencils, spray paint, or just crank up your Photoshop. Whatever your weapon, you can win a trip to Los Angeles to meet the king of the paper robots – Mr. Shin Tanaka himself! All you have to do is download the paper robot template, make it look nice and...
Manifest Hope Art Show

Manifest Hope Art Show

Imeem has exclusive coverage of the Manifest Hope show currently taking place at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO. Artists like Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Sam Flores and more are showing work inspired by the current political climate.Check the profile for tons of pics, video and more: