Design A Paper Robot To Fight The Forces of Evil!

Time to pull out your crayons, pencils, spray paint, or just crank up your Photoshop. Whatever your weapon, you can win a trip to Los Angeles to meet the king of the paper robots – Mr. Shin Tanaka himself! All you have to do is download the paper robot template, make it look nice and pretty, upload your creation, then cross yer fingers and hope for the best. The winning design will also be featured in Tanaka’s Interactive Paper Show exhibition in April at Scion’s LA Gallery and there’s $500 cash in it for you as well.

Check out all the contest details at This contest is part of a unique collaboration between Giant Robot magazine, Scion and Shin Tanaka.

Take a look at this nifty animation video – watch as battle is waged in Paper City by the paper robots of good and evil!

Giant Paper Robot Fight – Shin Tanaka Contest from elemental on Vimeo.

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