Strictly Social Event Review and Pics

Wednesday’s Strictly Social was the best yet! Much fun was had by all.
The listening party for
Heavy’s album “Jazz Money” set the tone for the evening, then DJ Moonbaby dropped a soulful set to warm up the crowd. And let’s not forget the dope photography of Kawai (Air Philosophy) that provided the visual ambiance.

By the time
Amber Ojeda and her band took to the stage, Skinny’s was packed and attentive to her soulful, jazzy set.
Jimi James took things to the next level with her futuristic sound and unique stage show (while rockin’ a fresh pair of London Underground boots) 2 background singers, 2 MCs and a thrift store backdrop and theme added to Jimi’s own electric stage presence. Don’t sleep on Jimi James, she’s a star in the making… heard it here first ;)

Check Norman’s blog for a more eloquent description of the night and plenty of pics!!
Next month’s event is set to be a hot one too. Stay tuned for details….

Amber Ojeda puts it down all soulful n’ jazzy like…..

Its Jimi James’ world, we’re just vibin in it

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