Stereotree Presents Beat Heroes Vol 2 by TayreebWell dang, talk about coming outta nowhere. An email landed in my inbox over the holidays with a link to another free producer mixtape/compilation thingy. I dutifully downloaded it but only recently got around to listening. Well I’m glad I didn’t let this one slip through the net. Stereotree is a French blog that seems to be a purveyor of dope progressive music. They have created a series of compilations, one of which, Beat Heroes is dedicated to dope producers. This particular volume is headed up by French beatmaker Tayreeb who, as it turns out, is amazing. His tracks are edgy, hip-hop-y, electronic-y bangers and you can download 10 of them for free.


He’s also done a nice remix of Jazzanova’s “I Can See”:

AND a fine re-working of PPP’s “On A Cloud”.

So basically, sleep on this guy at your peril.