Sepalot – Saigon – Did It Again

SepalotThanks to GiantStep I just got turned on to European producer Sepalot who recently released an album on Compost Records Red Handed. Haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but this track “Did It Again” definitely perked my ears up. It’s hip-hop, but not as we know it. As one might expect from the combination of a European hip-hop producer with an eclectic label such as Compost, Sepalot throws a unique twist on things and brings  a bangin’ electro-funk-hop beat over which Saigon unfortunately only does a so-so job. But anyway, check out the track for yourself:

[audio: diditagain.mp3]

Download “Did It Again” ft. Saigon

And check out Sepalot’s site for several goodies – downloadable mixes and the like.

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