Plantlife – Love Toy

I dig Plantlife. They’re fonky in all kinds of ways. Their first album “The Return of Jack Splash” was out seemingly eons ago and did not get as widespread a hubbub as it warranted, if you ask me. Now finally the follow-up “Time Traveller” is scheduled for release in June. I believe there were some label shenanigans that went on the meantime, a deal with Atlantic (I think) was at one point in the works, but apparently did not come to fruition since this is coming out on indie label Decon. But in the meanwhile Mr Splash has been busy growing out his hair and producing for the likes of Raheem DeVaughn, Alicia Keys, John Legend and numerous others.

I’ve been hearing a couple of tracks around and about internet radio and the like and just recently saw this actual MP3 for download, for the track Love Toy. So here it is, please enjoy:

Love Toy:

and just as an extra, here’s an oldie but goodie:
Luv 4 The World:

Check out more tracks at the super-nice looking Myspace:

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