Olympic Edition Part 1 – Nitin Sawhney “Days of Fire”

Nitin Sawhney & Natty - Days of Fire

If you’re one of those people that would prefer to avoid the Olympics, I’m afraid you best click away from this post. Bit unusual perhaps to find mention of the Olympics here, but so far I’ve got at least two good reasons to bring ’em up. And this is the first. Here in the US, the more conscientious of us were quite dismayed and disgusted to learn that NBC, the sole broadcasters of the Olympics over here, decided to edit out the part of the opening ceremony that featured a tribute to those who perished in the London bombings of July 2005 (watch it here). Having just seen the brilliant Nitin Sawhney  perform live here in Los Angeles recently, his music is still fresh in my mind and I of course thought about his own tribute to that day, the wonderful “Days of Fire” featuring Natty. So enjoy the live rendition below and as you do, please give a moment’s contemplation to all who have died as a result of terrorism and other nonsensical acts of human-to-human violence.

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