New Album From Tosca – No Hassle

When I was first getting into electronic music, and downtempo in particular, Tosca was definitely one of my ‘gateway drugs’. The production duo of Richard Dorfmeister (1/2 of legendary electronic duo Kruder & Dorfmeister) and Rupert Huber have released some of the best downtempo there is – eclectic, accomplished and just generally wonderful. Five albums of the stuff so far. But it’s been a couple years or so since I’ve heard anything from them, so I was very pleased to read this announcement that they have a new album on the way! No Hassle will be released in spring (some blogs are saying April) via !K7.

The official blurb has this to say about the album: It is their most beautiful musical statement so far. A luxurious tapestry of analogue and digital sounds, submerged samples and live instruments, it evolves and expands into an hour-long ambient symphony. The title reflects not only the duo’s laid back approach to making music but their whole philosophy of life.  “It’s our personal reaction to  everything,” says Richard. “To all things that are pressuring you from outside, or internally, from every angle. It’s sort of the ideal  position to achieve, and it’s the same idea behind the music: to achieve an hour where you feel hassle free.”

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