Love Note To Little Dragon

My Dearest Little Dragon
I by no means fall easily but since the warm opening notes of “Twice” first caressed my ears, I was quickly smitten. Infatuation rapidly blossomed into something all the more captivating as I explored all that your Myspace had to offer. “Test”, “Constant Surprises” and other delights revealed to me your innate rhythm, thoughtful lyricism and sweet melodies. I delight in considering whether I love your electronic nuances more than your organic expression, or whether it’s your unexpected soulfulness that proved the key to my heart. It matters not, for you are best appreciated in your simple yet original totality.

I then became voracious. I had to have more, to truly own you. Emusic allowed the fruits of your brilliance to flow into my possession. Yet 12 tracks of your genius leaves me insatiable still. Although your music consumes me and I embrace you without restraint – at home, in the car, at the gym – I still long for more. Your Swedish soul is deeper than anything I have encountered of late – refreshing and invigorating. Oh Little Dragon how I love thee…all others fail miserably in comparison. Thank you for shining your light into my world. I can only attempt to repay you by helping you do the same for others.


Constant Surprises

Test video

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