Kinny – Idle Forest of Chit Chat

Kinny - Idle Forest of Chit Chat

Kinny aka Caitlin Simpson is a half-Jamaican, half-Native American, half-Swedish soulful, funky, jazzy, folksy singer from Toronto, who now lives in Norway. Her debut album, Idle Forest of Chit Chat on Tru Thoughts showcases the singer’s eclectic musical sensibilities, as she is a classically-trained Opera singer as well. So the album is a big bowl of jazzy-soulful freestyles that’ll keep your noggin nodding.

Track list:
1. Idle Forest of Chit Chat (feat. Souldrop)
2. Damn (feat. TM Juke)
3. 2546 Nice! (feat. Unforscene)
4. Water for Chocolate (feat. Souldrop)
5. Afro Love Forest (feat. Hint)
6. Queen of Boredness (feat. Diesler)
7. Enough Said (feat. The Quantic Soul Orchestra)
8. Back Street Lust (feat. Diesler)
9. Desire (feat. Nostalgia 77)
10. Forgetting to Remember (feat. Nostalgia 77)
11. Petrified Daze (feat. TM Juke)

Listen to “Desire” ft. Nostalgia 77:

Download Kinny – “Desire” ft. Nostalgia 77

written by – ND McCray
check her out at:

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