Jack Splash – King of the Beats Mixtape

Jack Splash - King of the Beats

Jack Splash returns with another free album download. This one is significantly better than the previous freebie, Heir To The Throne,  and demonstrates his production chops. I’m curious as to how his official album will sound. He seems to have ditched the funk-soul persona in favor of a more ‘gully’ (remember that word?!) hip-hop persona. Seems like he’s still trying to find the best identity for his musical style, and while there’s nothing wrong with reinventing yourself and keeping things fresh, it’s hard to get a grasp on what Jack Splash actually stands for. Perhaps the third mixtape and official album will reveal more……Below is the official blurb on this project.
Download King of the Beats – Jack Splash

Today documents the release of Jack Splash’s, King Of The Beats, the second of three mixtapes to be released before the much-anticipated full-length album and film, Technology And Love Might Save Us All… out in May on J-Records.In the past few months, Jack Splash has bombarded the music world with 90’s throwback rap tracks and futuristic synth-pop hooks.  King Of The Beats reminds you that Jack is capable of such songs, but also takes you further down the rabbit hole to reveal instrumental tracks like, “Disko Labyrinth” and “The Funhouse Has Mirrors,” that sound as if they came straight off a Lamont Dozier album.

It’s no question why Jack Splash decided to call the second installment of mixtapes, King Of The Beats.  Not only has Jack Splash compiled an impressive amount of songs to release before an official album, every song is an original composition created by the man himself.   Each track has been carefully crafted and produced by the same hands that created music for such talented artists as Jennifer Hudson, T-Pain, Estelle, Jamie Foxx, Missy Elliott, Jazmine Sullivan, Shakira, Britney Spears and more.  Truly, King of the Beats.

Jack Splash King of the Beats mixtape download