Indie-Hop Artist Domer Announces ‘Open Source’ Music Project “My Favorite EP”


Indie-Hop Artist Domer Announces ‘Open Source’ Music Project “My Favorite EP”

Brooklyn-based indie-hop innovator Domer is back with a brand new kind of musical project. Only a few months after the April release of his critically acclaimed genre-bender “Work With Me” on Skipping Beats Records, Domer has decided to push the limits even further by inventing a whole new kind of interactive album.

The vocals for the five songs on My Favorite EP were recorded with no beat underneath, just rapped to a metronome and have been posted online for producers all over the world to run with. By keeping a carefully ambiguous tone in lyrical content and delivery, Domer allows producers to take the EP in any musical direction they choose. Once Domer collects the various versions of the EP (which already range from party tracks to introspective electro to minimal electro-dub), they will all be posted online for free download and listening.

But that’s not the best part.

The twist is that the actual choice of the My Favorite EP lineup and song order will be left in the hands of every journalist, blogger and fan who participates. Everyone is invited to choose their favorite version of each song and create a custom-made version of My Favorite EP according to their own tastes. And of course, everyone is encouraged to post their favorite EP for free download on their own site.

“I wanted to blur the line between artist and listener,” Domer said. “The direction of the album is in everyone’s hands but mine and will continue to be till the project is over. It’s cool because it really gets people involved in the process and kind brings the open-source philosophy to music in a new way.”

The vocal tracks can currently be found in Domer’s blog at and he expects to post the finished versions by mid-November, following his return from an October ’07 national US tour.
MP3s of the vocal tracks can be downloaded at:

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Email track submissions to:
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