I Love Hip-Hop Again

Buff1 - There's Only 1Yes it’s true, I’ve been a little uninspired by hip-hop as of late – nothing was really hitting the spot for me. But I’m back on the wagon thanks to Buff1. I recently downloaded his new album There’s Only 1 on Emusic and am loving it pretty much from start to finish. Lyrically Buff1 has something interesting to say on nearly every track – he’s intelligent, witty and spiritual without succumbing to the epidemic of impotent and uninspired boasts that seems to be plaguing many MCs lately. Buff1 simply brings it on every track with a tangible passion, and is backed by some truly dope production from The Lab Techs and Black Milk. So definitely pick up this album and renew your faith in hip-hop.

Thank you Buff1.
Download There’s Only 1 at Buff1 - There's Only One

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