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Hip Hop Howl Mixtape

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Check out this smokin’ track listing….
1. Miz Metro “Everyone Wants 2 B on TV”
2. 6th Sense “Take 6”
3. Suzi Analogue “Good Reason”
4. Zion I “Juicy Juice”
5. A. Pinks “Held Me Down”
6. Bless Roxwell “Peace Love Unity”
7. Donny Goines “Ricky’s Story”
8. Kid Daytona ft. Tiara Wiles “The Minimum”
9. Esso “On My Way”
10. Friction “OMG”
11. Homeboy Sandman “Gun Control”
12. Peter Hadar “All Mine”
13. Crosby “No Bodega’s”
14. Black Skeptik ft. KRS-One “Rent”
15. P. Cassso “Mr Hollywood”
16. Yarah Bravo “You Are Yours”
17. Karina Nistal “Viviendo”
18. Proton “Laptop”
19. Mike Maven “You”
20. Melo-X “Google Alerts”
21. Maya Azucena “Rebel”
22. Zeale “Transmissions”
23. Fresh Daily “Nightfree”
24. The Beatards “Nasty Funky”
25. Raye 6 “Too Fast”
26. MC Eyeris ft. LMNZ “If You Want To”
27. Outasight “Radio Radio”

Hip hop Howl Mixtape Tracklisting

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