New Music From Freestyle Fellowship – We Are

Freestyle Fellowship - The Promise

Freestyle Fellowship - The Promise

Hearing this new stuff from Freestyle Fellowship makes me nostalgic for my young hip-hop days, especially listening to Aceyalone’s “A Book of Human Language” for the first time and feeling pretty mind-blown. “We Are” is taken from a new album, The Promise, on the horizon (October actually) by Freestyle Fellowship and very welcome it will be!

Freestyle Fellowship – ‘We Are’ by DeconRecords

Official blurb:

Freestyle Fellowship, the legendary L.A.-based Hip Hop quintet of MCs Aceyalone, Myka 9, P.E.A.C.E., Self Jupiter, and DJ Kiilu Grand have announced their new album The Promise, set to drop October 4th on Decon. Nearly a decade since their last album under the Freestyle Fellowship moniker, their impromptu reunion show in Los Angeles in 2009 inspired the quintet to reunite and create The Promise. The new album contains fourteen songs, including guest production contributions from Exile (“Step 2 The Side”), Eligh (“We Are”) and Detroit-based Dilla-protege Black Milk (“Candy”).

Calling Freestyle Fellowship legendary is far from a hyperbolic claim, having made an indelible mark on hip-hop since the release of 1991’s To Whom It May Concern.Establishing themselves as one of the most prominent hip hop acts on the West Coast in the 90s, the five members of the group have exhibited breathless prolificacy, issuing a staggering run of solo albums, splinter groups and guest spots. In Freestyle Fellowship each member brings the strengths of their diverse musical backgrounds to the forefront, with Myka 9’s intelligent and meticulous rhymes, Aceyalone’s distinct rhythm and old school folklore, Self Jupiter’s creation of suspense and theatrical craziness, and P.E.A.C.E.’s southern demeanor matched in stride with his country swagger.

1. Introduction
2. We Are (produced by Eligh)
3. The Write Here
4. Step 2 The Side (produced by Exile)
5. Ambassadors
6. Dart
7. Gimme
8. Government Lies
9. Introspective
10. Daddies
11. Candy (produced by Black Milk)
12. Know The Truth
13. Popular
14. Promise

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