Download Brittany Bosco – Spectrum EP

Brittany Bosco is a progressive soul diva out of Savannah, GA, and honestly that’s about as much as I know about her except that her quite excellent EP “Spectrum” is available for free download and has been creating quite some buzz just recently. Her sound easily traverses terrain from progressive, space-age soul (eg “Glitch”, “City of Nowhere”) to a sound rooted more obviously in classic funk and soul such as “8-Trak” and “It Was You.” She pulls it all together with a natural ease – this lady is the real deal. Grab the Spectrum below and stay tuned for more from Ms. Bosco.

Listen: Brittany Bosco “8 Trak”:

Listen: Brittany Bosco “City of Nowhere”:

Brittany Bosco - Spectrum EP

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