V/A – Love in the House (Slip’n’Slide)

Release Date: 14th February 2005 (Naturally!).

Sugary vocals, fluttering keys and heartbeat quickening percussion are all important elements on this compilation of smooching house. A decidedly insincere tone emanates from some of the cuts on this album, but others are visibly sincere. The Dennis Ferrer mix of “Stephanie Cooke’s “Rain” lets a damp bass, magical brass and happiness instilling keys back Steph’s begging vocals. Mood II Swing give us their sadly over-looked “Can’t Get Away”, where ideal guitars, spellbinding synths and bewitched vocals remind us of the power of romantic feelings. The CD finishes with “To Be In Love” by MAW, and that sweeping bassline will still lift you off feet each time you hear it, beforeIndia even gets round to opening her mouth and confessing her devotion. How sweet. (Jon Freer)