The husband and wife couple of vocalist Marie and producer/DJ Andy Compton have been making music together for 10 years now. Based in the English countryside the two have for the most part stayed true to their distinctive, organic deep house sound that melds live instrumentation with electronic elements. A Rural Life is their eighth album and while the duo does little to broaden their musical horizons, the results are as comfortably sweet and soulful as ever.
Smooth downtempo numbers like “Pleading With You” and “Relax Your Soul” serve to vary the mood and add texture to the tone of the album, but as always, it’s the sweet, jazzy, deep house tracks that steal the show. Songs like “Sorry”, “Complicated” and “Addict” with their rich basslines and soulful vocals epitomize the Rurals’ sound and are the real substance of the album. Another classy, if not adventurous, outing from the Rurals.