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  • Summery Scottish House from Discopolis – Summer Nightmares

    Summery Scottish House from Discopolis – Summer Nightmares

    So this brilliant gem of wistful,summery house music comes from the Scottish outfit Discopolis.  I discovered this track thanks to it being featured in a scene from the BBC3 TV show “Lip Service”, and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWLHhyUmnY0 BUY AT iTUNES: A couple more tracks for your enjoyment….Let me know how […]

  • Kimbra – Settle Down (Feature Cuts Remix)

    Kimbra – Settle Down (Feature Cuts Remix)

    Maybe y’all already knew this, but this Kimbra chick is apparently kinda hot sh*t at the moment. All of a sudden I keep hearing about her, and just bought her album Vows on Emusic. I had anticipated it being much more indie-kid, but in reality it has a nice quirky soulfulness to it. Adding to […]

  • JimiJames – Still In Your Heart [video]

    JimiJames – Still In Your Heart [video]

    Well dang. Jimi James might just melt your screen with her smoldering, to say the least, performance in this here video. But if you’ve ever seen Jimi James perform live, you know that she always brings bucketloads of style and artistry to go along with the hotness. This video is no different. Whaddya think?

  • Bilal – “Levels” Video – Directed by Flying Lotus

    Bilal – “Levels” Video – Directed by Flying Lotus

    Lots of Bilal goodness for you today via ArtDontSleep: Finally, the video everyone has been waiting for…..Bilal’s “Levels,” directed by super producer Flying Lotus a.k.a. Steve Ellison . Lotus is making his directorial debut and this marks as sort of a Plug Research reunion, where his debut 1983 was released. The visually, stunning video was […]

  • Little Dragon – Little Man – Live [video]

    Thanks to LA Weekly’s Urban Nomad for giving us the heads up on this new Little Dragon footage. In this live video they perform a new song “Little Man” at a recent show at LA’s Natural History Museum. We’ll have some interview footage shortly (hopefully). Go shop for Little Dragon on iTunes, both albums are […]

  • Sade – Soldier of Love – Making of the Album – Video

    This video provides a fascinating look into the creative process of a Sade – a true musical genius. We learn about what goes into making a Sade album and get some great behind-the-scenes insights into how Soldier of Love came to be.

  • The Roots – How I Got Over – Video

    So this video is hella (in internet time) old, ie. more than a week, I know this, but I’ma post it anyway ‘cos I’m clearly not hung up on being the first on everything. The Root’s next album How I Got Over was supposed to come out late last year but has been pushed back […]

  • Russell Taylor – Press Pause – Video

    Independent soul artist Russell Taylor, who Soultracks describes as “..among the best kept secrets in contemporary music…” is re-releasing his well-received album Confessional next month.  The single “Press Pause” gives you a taste of what Taylor is all about as he humorously deals with an over-zealous lover.  Keep up with RT at http://www.russelltaylor.net/

  • Scion Launches Installation 6: Video – This Weekend

    Scion Launches Installation 6: Video – This Weekend

    Scion kicks off the next incarnation of its  national art tour this weekend in Los Angeles. Installation 6: VIDEO features an all-video lineup which will visit several cities over the coming months. Featured artists are: Dust la Rock (Brooklyn, NY), Eric Nakamura (Los Angeles, CA), Saelee Oh (Los Angeles, CA), Funeral Fog (French + Alan […]

  • Rob Abeyta Jr Video Interview

    Rob Abeyta, Jr is a dope visual artist &  art director who has worked with companies such as Girl Skateboard, Nike, Stussy,  and on projects with Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon.He has published a book with Upper Playground, and recently participated in Scion’s Installation 5 national art tour. In this video he discusses the tour […]

  • Comfort Fit – Polyshufflez Remixes

    Comfort Fit – Polyshufflez Remixes

    German producer Comfort Fit’s Polyshufflez album is a blistering collection of futuristic soul, electronic hip-hop, broken beat jams and other funky, experimental sounds. In fact I’m still hooked on that album and here comes the Polyshufflez Remixes album, due out December 17! This one is a must-have as well, featuring reworks from the likes of […]

  • New Groove Armada Video – I Won’t Kneel

    Groove Armada recently signed with Om Records and are set to release a brand new album BlackLight with them in February 2010. This is the first single from said album –  “I Won’t Kneel.”  I generally like Groove Armada, and this track might grow on me, although on first listen, it’s a bit too much […]

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