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  • Chicken George Ropeadope Mix

    Chicken George Ropeadope Mix

    DJ Chicken George has put together another of his lovely ‘jazztronica’ mixes for the Ropeadope folks. As you can see from the tracklist below, CG is a master of mixing up the styles in a potent blend of soulful hip-hop and electronica. CG stays busy with a hectic DJ-ing schedule and releasing music worldwide, such […]

  • DJ Myxzlplix – Grown Folk Shit

    DJ Myxzlplix – Grown Folk Shit

    DJ Myxzlplix, resident DJ at LA’s Strictly Social progressive soul club night, just laced me with a fresh new mix. Grown folk shit indeed, this is a tasty looking eclectic treat that he put together for a San Diego club night. 1. the sweetest-nightmares on wax 2. legal-the latin project 3. guarambembere-beatconductor 4. the wonder […]

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