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  • Myxzlplix – Now Recording EP (downtempo, hip-hop)

    Myxzlplix – Now Recording EP (downtempo, hip-hop)

    Our colleague, awesome Strictly Social resident DJ, pixel-pusher extraordinaire and all-around good fella, DJ Myxzlplix has just released an EP of his very own productions. Now Recording is true to the eclectic aesthetic he conveys through his DJ mixes. Downtempo, electronica, funk and dancehall all find their way into the collage. My personal favorite is […]

  • Comfort Fit – Polyshufflez Remixes

    Comfort Fit – Polyshufflez Remixes

    German producer Comfort Fit’s Polyshufflez album is a blistering collection of futuristic soul, electronic hip-hop, broken beat jams and other funky, experimental sounds. In fact I’m still hooked on that album and here comes the Polyshufflez Remixes album, due out December 17! This one is a must-have as well, featuring reworks from the likes of […]

  • More From Anthony Valadez – Audio Visual

    Another in Anthony Valadez‘ series of promo videos sharing insights into what inspires him to make music. His album Audio Visual is forthcoming on Recordbreakin’ Music. In this video Anthony shares a little about what goes into his weekly KCRW radio show. Expect AV’s eclectic tastes to be reflected in the diverse soundscapes of his […]

  • Beatlife Top 8 of 2008

    Beatlife Top 8 of 2008

    I don’t usually do year-end lists, but this year I decided to go full force and not only do my own, but gather a few from some esteemed musical colleagues which will be posted separately. Beatlife Top 8 of 2008 (in no particular order) Little Dragon – Little Dragon I said no particular order, but […]

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