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  • KCET Discusses Graffiti – Interviews Chaka, Revok, Retna

    KCET’s SoCal Connected featured a segment on graffiti art last night, including coverage of the recent Chaka opening at Mid-City Arts, and interviews with Chaka, Revok and Retna. Check out a clip below.

  • Weekend Art – Graffiti Artist Chaka Opens at Mid-City Arts

    I didn’t grow up in LA but for those who did, around the early 90s, Chaka was a mysterious, but ubiquitous presence in the city. He left his signature tag in literally tens of thousands of places around the LA city-scape, gaining the unwanted attention of the authorities, as well as a new level of […]

  • Soul In The Park

    LA heads, this looks like fun. Thanks to Rani D for the heads up. — If it gets hard making it out to the westside to catch these cats, we are blessed to let you know they are coming to us! YOSAKU will be joining us for our next session. With remixes and re-edits on […]