here’s some brief reviews of cds folks were kind enough to send over, but we weren’t able to cover in-depth. (btw, if you want to send us stuff to review, hit us up beats AT

Rafael Lego Rodriguez Aphrodisio Mix v.02 (Aphrodisio)

The vocals of “Reverend Feelgood” open the mix, espousing love and house music. Rodriguez follows suit, sermonizing by way of the wheels of steel, and creating an atmosphere for house disciples to get-down and worship! He lays down a bumpin’ mix filled with infectious, funky house jams that run the spectrum from the cheerfully disco-influenced, to the viscerally tribal, as well as the deep, soulful stompers. Johnny Fiasco, JT Donaldson and Paul Johnson all make appearances on this solid mix that could light a fire under the communal ass of the most lackadaisical crowd.

mcenroe and Birdapres Nothing Is Cool (Peanuts & Corn)

Canadian white boys make a variety of pop-cultural/societal observations over a nice selection of crispy, well-crafted beats. A pseudo-intellectual slacker tone permeates – they don’t take themselves too seriously but are still sincere about their craft. Their deftly cynical and world-weary tone lends weight to the atmosphere and holds attention, hinting at the next caustic one-liner.

Break Bread Break Bread EP (Peanuts & Corn)

A so-so EP from the Break Bread posse (featuring mcenroe). Tracks like “Grown Ass Men” do a good job of showcasing the individual MCs skills as they collectively ruminate upon the ups and downs of the indie hip-hop artist’s existence. However the round robin spit session of “No Other MC” is pretty much ruined by the annoying commentary in-between each verse. After hearing the mcenroe and Birdapres album, I’d say you’d do better to skip this EP and pick up “Nothing Is Cool” for an all-around better and more polished manifestation of similar beats and themes.

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