roosevelt franklin serves up bare food

straight from the guys themselves – download their album “bare food” for free!:

The blurred lines of hip hop have been crossed and a new sound emerges as Mr.Len and Kimani Rogers serve up their second offering as Roosevelt Franklin. “bare food” is a genre crossing, comedic, emotional, mind altering experience that will make you want to erase other albums from your ipod. This is not one of those sit back and enjoy my friend, this is jump up and slap the ass of a girl or guy around you music and laugh about it as you attempt to sing along.
After locking themselves in a Transylvanian cave for 3 months, surviving on only ramen noodles and old reruns of the Munsters they emerged ready to take the world by storm. Then Kimani was diagnosed with a rare form of alien bird flu and was forced to live in a bubble. Len was also called into service by the recently reformed Alliance Of The Orange and spent days on secret missions in the midwest. Obviously filthy rich off of the multi-maple success of there first record, they decided to “charge it to the game” as the young people like to say nowadays on american idol. This is what it sounds like when thugs cry.

There is no watermarking here. No hidden animal noises. Share it with everyone. That’s what publicity is about. June 2006.
with love
Mr Len and Kimani Rogers
[email protected]— roosevelt franklin”fresher than your momma”

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