Ritzy Periwinkle’s Bic Buddy Vinyl Toy

Ritzy Periwinkle Bic Buddy
The homie Ritzy Periwinkle, who is an amazing artist, is making us proud with the release of her first vinyl toy. She is a featured artist in the Bic Buddy Artist Series 1. There are 13 artists in total, Ritzy being one of only 2 female artists in the series. Official details:

Bic Plastics recently announced their first mini figures artist series, dubbed “Bic Buddy Artist Series 1.” The series features custom designs from 13 artists including: Ritzy Periwinkle, Marka27, COPE2, KANO and more. Ritzy’s design shows off the wings accessory, adding a new dimension to the standard figure shape. “I only had a couple of days to create two design options for BICS Plastics,” explains Ritzy.  “The chosen design was inspired by my experiences of Dia De Los Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico, as well as the ongoing struggles of women all over the world, the revolutionary acts we commit on the daily and the incredible strength of my mom, who passed away 14 years ago.” The Bic Buddy figures will be distributed in the USA by DKE toys and in Taiwan by Pixie. They will be available in August with a preview at SD Comic Con next week, and there will be release/signing events in L.A. (AUG 15), N.Y.C. (AUG 20) and CHI TOWN (AUG 22).

Ritzy Periwinkle, aka Marisa Estrada is a Los Angeles artist and designer with deep roots in urban art and music culture. The name Ritzy Periwinkle, a pseudonym that started among her and her crew, stems from “Maritza” (the way her birth name was originally supposed to be spelled) and the Crayola color, “Periwinkle”. The tight beats and poetic lyrics of Hip Hop fuel her artistic creativity. Graduating from California State University Long Beach with a fine art degree with an emphasis in graphic design, Ritzy has created designs and artwork for Dilated Peoples, Aterciopelados, Sonic Youth, Calle 13, “I Am Legend”, Slick Rick, Arcade Fire and many more.  With art exhibitions in art and music hubs such as Los Angeles, Detroit and New York, Ritzy communicates a beautiful energy and respect for her community of women and people of color. Working in photography, illustrations, graphics, collage and creating a flourishing boutique t-shirt line, Ritzy compliments her gritty stylistic tendencies with a positive vibe that is attributed to her eclectic influences and unique background.  Ritzy Periwinkle happily mixes music and art to her own beat, bringing pure harmony to her creativity.
Ritzy Periwinkle Bic BuddyRitzy Periwinkle Bic Buddy
Ritzy P was recently commissioned by Capitol Records to do three original pieces for the special domestic packaging of the Nat King Cole remix project RE:GENERATIONS along with the graphic design of the domestic and international packaging. Her artwork was featured in the accompanying exhibit and CD release celebration at Los Angeles’ Crewest Gallery, and she was interviewed and featured in issue 3 of Waxpoetics Japan in conjunction with this project. Other recent projects from Ritzy include participation in the Stoked Sessions LA benefit, the redesign of the LA Forum website (http://www.thelaforum.com/) and a microsite for Santana (http://www.supernaturalsantana.com/).

In addition to the Bic Buddy series, Ritzy is participating in a group show at Meltdown Comics Gallery on Sept 4th. The show will feature work from Los Angeles local artists as well as some old school New York City classics. She is also getting ready to launch her own line of merchandise to include new shirt designs, pillows, postcards, urban tea towels and posters. In collaboration with ceramist Jen E, the two will be creating ceramic pendants customized with Ritzy P designs and a series of urban Japanese small ceramic boxes – “little treasures.” Catch JEN E & RITZY P SUPREME GOODS at this year’s Winter UNIQUE LA show.

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