Rich Medina Mixtape Download

DJ/Producer/Poet Rich Medina is dropping his album Connecting the Dots on October 4th. Preview the dope sounds on this free mp3 mixtape download hosted by Bobbito – download here

Official Press Info:
CONNECTING THE DOTS is a culmination and manifestation of the many gifts of one man. Rich Medina is an accomplished Producer, DJ, Poet, and Personality on the underground music scene, worldwide. Connecting the dots between Hip Hop, Jazz, House, Spoken Word, Afro Beat and Bass Heavy Future Soul, “Big Rich” is ready to deliver one of the most comprehensive progressive soul albums of our generation. Although he’s garnered world-wide acclaim through his trademark DJ stylings, as a producer, he is soul music’s best-kept secret, remaining under the radar while developing both his compositional techniques and artist relationships. You may have heard the now-popular PPP (Platinum Pied Pipers) remix, his production on the seminal “Who Is Jill Scott?” album, his deep baritone guiding you through King Britt’s “Adventures in Lo-fi”, or his spoken word intros on EA Sports NBA Street Vol 3. If not, his dynamic and hard-hitting debut CD will confirm what you may have already suspected; Rich Medina’s supreme taste in music translates to his skill as a Producer! Never mind the soul-shaking tone of his voice, as heard on the opening track DELIRIUM, or the monster spoken word composition WEIGHT, Rich’s raw, organic production style connects down-to-earth soul, funk & blues to head-nodding drums, lush melodies, and unorthodox changes in form. CONNECTING THE DOTS reflects the unique style that makes Medina a mainstay for his fans, unmistakable in the mix as a DJ, song after song, night in and night out.

DJ Rich Medina steps out from behind the booth to deliver the most comprehensive Progressive Soul album of our generation! Literally Connecting the Dots between Hip Hop, Jazz, House, Spoken Word, Afro Beat and Bass Heavy Future Soul, the journey is “Rich” w/ texture, nuance and good vibes. Enlisting a beautiful array of new talent including Martin Luther, Jneiro Jarel, Lady Alma, Siji, Sy Smith, John Doe, Geinelle Summer, Ivanna Santilli, Maya Azucena and others, “Big Rich” is ready to give back to the dancers around the world who have trusted his learned ear from day one. Having contributed production to Jill Scott and narrating King Britt’s “Adventures in Lo-fi” record, Rich the poet, beat maker and world renowned DJ is ready to step forward. The US is ready for Rich’s brand of Soul music and his legions of fans will no doubt support and champion this very important record.

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