Rad Blaster MP3 Player- Cute Gimmick or The Real Deal?

Rad Blaster - Mp3 player

The Rad Blaster is a cute lil Mp3 player in the shape of a wee boombox. But not only is it an mp3 player with 2GBs of memory, but it’s also a flash drive, a recording device (just plug in your mic) and it has speakers. How much ‘boom’ you’re going to get out of those tiny little speakers is dubious, but I guess if you’re in a pinch, that’s an option. And oh yes, you can even wear it around your neck with the chain that comes with it. It’s very cute, and is about to get even cuter with a whole range of color schemes and custom skins but I wonder if it’s trying to be too many things to do any of them well? But with a price point of $59.99 I guess it’s a good deal for a nice looking mp3 player. Check out more info in the videos below.

More info at www.radblasters.com

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