Pete Rock "The Surviving Elements" (BBE)

Beatheads have probably already gobbled this up on vinyl, but for those who haven’t, it’s definitely worth your while to pick this up.
So either this was a well-thought out marketing strategy, or Pete Rock’s throwaway beats are REALLY this good. The story goes that these are beats that were intended for the Soul Survivor II album but didn’t end up being used. BBE rescued them from the equivalent of the cutting room floor, et voila! And they are everything you would hope for from the man. Eternally known for his crisp, soulful and jazzy beats, this album is another testament to his developing legacy. In a time when more and more producers are saturating the market to a suffocating degree (Neptunes, Kanye West anyone?) – giving beats to anyone who will pay and thereby shortening their own shelf life to an as yet untold degree, Pete Rock’s trademark style remains fresh, vital and classic. There’s not too many producers that can put out solely instrumental albums that stand on their own (the thought of a Lil Jon instrumental album makes me want to have Mike Tyson bite my ears off) but it’s always a no-brainer when Pete Rock’s name is on it.
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