Outasight – From There To Here

Outasight - From There To Here Album Preview

To be honest I’m not sure about this cat. I feel like it’s a case of some great white over-hype. The production is great, but his nasal-y, ho-hum rapping, and even more nasal-y ‘singing’ is not anything to write home about. I’ll take Colin Munroe over this because at least dude seems authentically himself. Outasight still feels like he’s finding himself, like he’s just trying on hip-hop to see how it fits.

1. Time Machine Intro (feat. Holley Monelle) (Produced by 6th Sense)
2. People, Places, Things (Album Exclusive Snippet) (Produced by Ryan Durkin)
3. Radio, Radio Remix (feat. Ced Hughes) (Produced by Dante Lewis)
4. Exclusive (Produced by Oddisee)
5. Fame & Fortune Remix (feat. The Kid Daytona & Donny Goines) (Produced by Dante Lewis)
6. When I Heard The Beat Knock (Produced by 6th Sense)
7. What I Know (Produced by Cook Classics)
8. Lights, Camera, Action Remix (feat. Tunji) (Produced by Dante Lewis)
9. Rollin Wit Me (feat. 6th Sense) (Produced by 6th Sense)
10. Good Happenings (feat. 6th Sense) (Produced by 6th Sense)
11. Story of No One (Produced by 6th Sense)
12. 2-0-0-9 (feat. The Kid Daytona, 6th Sense, & Harlem’s Cash) (Produced by 6th Sense)
13. I Can’t Call It (Produced by Dante Lewis)
14. Darling, It’s Chemistry (Produced by D/Will)
15. Growing Up feat. Print & Cocoa Sarai (Produced by Cook Classics)
16. Even Say Goodbye (Produced by Dante Lewis)

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Outasight  - From There To Here Album Preview

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