Nike Court Force High Lux

I don’t really post about sneakers, not because I don’t love ’em, cos I surely do, but I generally leave it to the folks who are way more up on their sneaker game (and btw, if that’s you, Beatlife is looking for contributors in that area. see the sidebar). But anyway, recently I happened across these beauties on the interweb:

[via HypeBeast]

These are the new Nike Court Force High Lux. And I thought my, those are pretty. But here’s my gripe. All the best colors/styles are for men. This is what us ladies get in comparison:

[via FemaleSneakerFiends]

Which is fine for some, but not ALL girls want spangly sneakers! Why don’t Nike et al just make the same things they make for men – just a tad smaller?  Share the love for gawd’s sake. Who freakin’ makes these decisions at the sneaker companies anyway? Dudes? Grrrrr.

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