New Pop House Anthem “Never Say Never” from Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx - Never Say Never

Basement Jaxx

A catchy new jam from Basement Jaxx comes complete with a topical video referencing twerking, of all things. The LA Times had this to say about the video:

A ridiculously funky, bawdy and funny sendup of a promotional film for a robotics company, the clip for “Never Say Never” depicts engineers working to resurrect the lost art of body-movin’. As depicted by director Saman Kesh, Jaxx’s clip boasts of “bringing dance back to mankind” through its innovative “Twerk-Bot 1.0.”

“Never Say Never” features vocals from ETML and will appear on the forthcoming album ‘Junto,’ due out August 25 on Atlantic Jaxx/PIAS. I’ve often felt underwhelmed with their full length projects in the past but this track is definitely whetting my appetite to hear more tracks. Fingers crossed that they are as solid as this one!