New Hezekiah vid feat. Bilal

I Predict a Riot drops on September 18th 2007 on Rawkus Records


1.) The Beginning f/Muhsinah, (produced by Oddisee)
2.) Wild & Wreckless, (produced by Hezekiah and Rick Tate)
3.) If One Falls f/Eleon (produced by Hezekiah)
4.) That Filling f/Freeway (produced by Hezekiah)
5.) Looking Up f/Bilal (produced by Anthony Accurate)
6.) Single Now (produced by Hezekiah)
7.) Let’s Get Involved f/Jamal (produced by Hezekiah)
8.) Bombs Over Here (produced by Vegan Pork Grind)
9.) Definition of A Bitch (Lude)
10.) I See Yaw f/ Jaguar Wright (produced by Hezekiah and Fred Kenny)
11.) I.P.A.R. (Lude)
12.) Moments in Sometime f/Aaron Livingston (produced by Hezekiah andAaron Livingston)
13.) I Predict A Riot f/Keziah & E. Shon Burgundy (produced by Hezekiah
14.) Freak (Lude)
15.) Gotta Love It f/Tarentz Moreese (produced by Hezekiah)
16.) Ghetto People f/Richard Raw, Chief Kamachi & State Store (produced byHezekiah)
17.) Afro Lude (produced by Hezekiah and Tony Whitfield)
18.) Muhsinah Outro

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