My Very Own Bic Buddy!

Today I had a lovely surprise in my mailbox. The homie Ritzy Periwinkle sent me one of her very first vinyl toys that she customized for the Bic Buddy Artist Series as a ‘thank-you’ for helping her out with some marketing. Check out the pics below of my little beauty ;) And yes, that’s Ritzy’s signature on the top. You can purchase one of your own by checking out Ritzy’s store – it costs a mere $15 so buy one for yourself and another as a Xmas gift for someone you like! Also worth a read is this interview that M.I.S.S. did with Ritzy as part of their ‘Women Making History’ series.
Ritzy Periwinkle Bic Buddy

Ritzy Periwinkle - Bic Buddy Artist Series 1

Ritzy Periwinkle - Bic Buddy

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