More Casamena Remixes

Carlos is a busy man, that’s for sure. Not content with starting a new label (Casa Ocha, with Osunlade) he’s pumping out all sorts of remixes, both on the hip-hop and house tip. Ok, so I’ve blogged this one before, but while checking out the Casamena blog I came across it again, and really like it – so be sure and check out his rework of John Legend’s “Ordinary People.” On the house tip, there’s a couple of interesting mixes of Goapele’s “First Love” and Common’s “Go” respectively. I don’t think he’s reached his potential with the house tracks yet, but these are still worth a listen.
By far my favourite of the recent crop however is the excellent Casamena Kitchen mix of Roy Ayers’ “Funk In The Hole” from the Virgin Ubiquity 2 album on BBE. However, there’s only a snippet available so far, and it only gives you a taster of the beat which is slammin’, so I guess you’ll have to pick up the vinyl to really catch the full effect. But Carlos dropped the track in one of his recent radio shows and believe me it’s worthwhile.
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