LMFAO – Kanye West – Love Lockdown Remix

Kanye West - Love Lockdown - LMFAO RemixSo I think this autotune thingamabob madness that’s going on is for the birds and am sad that Kanye has jumped on that bandwagon with such gusto. Producers just need to stop with it already. Please. And why is Kanye “singing” like his jaw is still wired shut? Young man needs to enunciate.

But having said that, I AM enjoying this LMFAO remix of Love Lockdown. I think it’s way better than the original. They took the lyrical concept and ran with it, adding some way better vocals and a bangin’ beat.I will give Kanye props for making the tracks available on his blog for folks to mess with though. That’s cool.

Download Love Lockdown – LMFAO remix (right click, save as)

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